Adding a Logo or Custom Image to a Model-Driven App Tile

Adding a Logo or Custom Image to a Model-Driven App Tile

PowerApps are a great way for you to streamline the user experience in Dynamics 365. Available for Dynamics 365 Online Customers, creating an App is easier than ever with the PowerApps interface and drag-and-drop App Designer.

Today, let’s show you in a few simple steps how you can replace the Default Image for your App to be a custom image. In this example, I will use the Reenhanced logo. You can use your company’s logo or any image that works for the App you are building.

default app tile
The default PowerApp Image Tile. This is what your users see when they select an App in Dynamics 365.

1. If your image/logo does not yet exist as a Web Resource, the first thing we need to do is add it. In a Dynamics 365 Solution File, add a new Web Resource.

Adding a new Web Resource to a Dynamics 365 Solution File.
Name your Web Resource and upload file. Save, then Preview to ensure it looks right. Finally, Publish your Web Resource.

2. Open your Model-Driven App. Navigate to Properties in the control panel on the right-hand side of your App Designer.

3. Under Icon, uncheck the box next to Use Default Image.

Uncheck Use Default Image under the Properties tab, highlighted here.

4. In the search box above App Tile, find the Web Resource you added in step #1 and select it.

Select your new Web Resource and preview App Tile.

Once you Save and Publish the changes in your App, your App Tile will be updated with the new image!

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