Change Management Best Practices for your Dynamics 365: Create a Change Management Team

Change Management Best Practices for your Dynamics 365: Create a Change Management Team

To help your organization embrace the change that comes along with a Dynamics 365 project or enhancement, make sure that you have established an internal Change Management Team. This team should be comprised of champions, end user and organizational culture experts and anyone who handles corporate communications.

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This is the second article in a series on Change Management in Dynamics 365 projects and enhancements. First, we talked about understanding change as a process, specifically looking at how a simple CRM project lifecycle may look when overlaid on a standard Change Curve.

Let’s look at a few areas to consider when you begin to think about creating a Change Management team at your organization.

What does the Change Management team do for a Dynamics 365 project?

This team is tasked with:

  • understanding the corporate culture and user groups
  • collecting end user feedback
  • designing the change management plan and strategy
  • designing a communication plan and execute the plans and related activities

How does this relate to the standard Dynamics 365 project team?

Your Change Management team should be involved in any regular project meetings and have an agenda item.  A representative of the Change Management team should report on the action items: end user feedback (survey results), development of the change management plan and updates on the communication plan.

What roles should be represented on my Change Management Team?

When selecting your Change Management Team, you should consider participation at the following levels:

  • Change Champions: These individuals will write and execute the change management and communication plans. There should be at least one expert in your organization’s culture and users included on the team.
  • Change Sponsor: An executive team member who can champion the plan throughout the leadership team.
  • Steering Committee: If this change is in conjunction with a Dynamics 365 project, this can be the same Steering Committee. Depending on organization size, a separate Change Management Steering Committee may be appropriate.
  • Corporate/Organization Communications: If your organization has a team member who handles all communications, (s)he should be a part of the Change Management team to facilitate delivery of the Communication Plan.

More on Change Management

Stay tuned for more articles in the Dynamics 365 Change Management series. The next articles will focus on the following topics:

  • Assess change readiness
  • Include a Communication Plan as part of your CRM project
  • Incorporate Change Management into your Training Plan

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