Model-driven Apps: Benefits to Your Users

Model-driven Apps: Benefits to Your Users

Welcome to the exciting conclusion of the model-driven app series! Today we will look at managing properties in a model-driven app. This series includes six articles that will help you to get to know and use model-driven apps and PowerApps:

Benefits to Your Users

A paramount part of designing your app is ensuring that your end users are part of the entire process. Follow user adoption best practices and involve your end user group in every aspect of the planning and design process. Have a few key members try out the app and record their feedback.

Beyond simply involving your end users, how does a model-driven app help them? Here are a few ways model-driven apps are tied to an increase in user adoption:

  • Providing a customized model-driven app to experience CRM gives your end users with a streamlined way to access their data.
  • Only show users the information they need to see. Understand your user group and update your Site Map accordingly. Display areas that they use, in groupings that make sense to them and how they do their job.
  • Hide the noise they don’t need to see in order for them to complete their job successfully. Simplify the user experience.

Following the steps within the blog series and engaging your user group will lead to a nice, streamlined way to access data, with the ultimate goal of increasing user adoption.

Heidi Neuhauser
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Heidi is Director of CRM Projects at Reenhanced. With more than a decade of experience in CRM, she has a wide variety of industry and product knowledge working with organizations of all sizes (from small non-profit organizations to Fortune 100 companies) to implement and rescue CRM and train end users. Heidi is a Microsoft Certified Professional with numerous Microsoft CRM Certificates and a CRMUG All-Star.
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