Planning for Dynamics 365 License Changes

Planning for Dynamics 365 License Changes
Starting tomorrow (October 1, 2019) the way Dynamics 365 is licensed is changing. These changes will apply on your next annual renewal and represent a big change from how the products used to be licensed.
Understanding how things used to work

Prior to this change, Dynamics 365 was licensed on a selection “One Size Fits All” packages. Depending on what applications and features you needed, your accounts were licensed according to different bundles that would provide as much or more than needed for your account to function.

For example, if you needed to access Field Service and Sales, your only option was to purchase the Customer Engagement Plan, which would also give you access to Customer Service and Project Service Automation.

Now its a pay-per-app model

With the changes launched on October 1, pricing moves to a Base plus Attach model for licensing in which a Base application is selected and then one or more Attach licenses can be added to it to determine costs.

In this new model, many businesses can save costs in some areas and see price increases in others. Due to the way licensing is assigned, these costs may not always be clear.

Announcing the Dynamics 365 License Planner

In order to help you understand how these licensing changes impact you, we are releasing a Dynamics 365 License Planner tool to help you build your license plan and understand how your users will need to be licensed upon renewal.

Click the image above to visit the planner and start planning your license renewal today.

Dynamics 365 License Planner
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