Quick Create Opens The Wrong Form

Quick Create Opens The Wrong Form

Dear Software Rescue Specialists,

One of our Dynamics 365 (On-premise v9.0) users is having a problem with their Quick Create Forms.

Whenever they click to open a Quick Create form from the top navigation or from a sub-grid, the modal that opens shows me the full default form instead of the quick create.

This user is using Google Chrome on a Windows 7 installation.

Mr. Slow Create

Dear Mr. Slow Create,

We’ve seen this issue happen when users are using Chrome on Windows 7. The solutions we’ve identified at this time are as follows.

If experiencing this in Chrome on Windows 7:
– Use an alternate browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
– Upgrade the impacted machine to Windows 10

On further digging, we were able to identify this with an error message in the developers console:

Cannot read property 'firstChild' of null

Our investigation discovered no quick fix so we’re diagnosing this as a browser incompatibility specific to Chrome on Windows 7.


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