What is a Dynamics 365 Rescue project?

What is a Dynamics 365 Rescue project?
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Have you ever had thoughts like:

Is my Dynamics 365 implementation built correctly?

Is it really supposed to work like this?

Does everyone else who uses Dynamics have the same pain points?

If so, you might be a good fit for a Dynamics 365 Rescue.

Dynamics 365 is supposed to be easy to use.

Microsoft has spent years working to make Dynamics 365 simple for all users and at the same time powerful enough to meet the needs of many different businesses. When properly customized, it can and should match the needs of your business so that your system provides you with all of the tooling you desire at the time you need it.

Dynamics 365 designed to grow with you. If it is getting in the way of your growth, it is built incorrectly.

Dynamics 365 is more valuable when everyone uses it.

Even when perfectly configured, some portion of your organization will struggle to use the software. User Adoption is something almost all users of Dynamics 365 struggle with and Microsoft is vocal about this being an area they want to improve.

Through a combination of training and intelligent system configuration, you can build a plan that will help all of your users realize the benefits of Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 should not feel too big.

Even though Dynamics 365 can run everything from a small 3 person business all the way to the world’s largest companies, it should only ever feel as large as the company using it needs it to be. It is not normal to have to work with extra entities (like Orders or Entitlements) when they don’t make sense for your company. Your system should only feel as big as your company needs it to be.

Proper configuration should keep those internals out of your way until your company grows large enough to need them.

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