5 New Power Automate Connectors: Azure Communication Services SMS, ClickSend, Cloudmersive Currency, CRM bot and HYAS Insight

5 New Power Automate Connectors: Azure Communication Services SMS, ClickSend, Cloudmersive Currency, CRM bot and HYAS Insight

This weekend’s drop of 5 new connectors for Power Automate offer SMS options, currency exchange rate conversion, more conversational contact through CRM, and security control.

Azure Communication Services SMS

This Connector with its one action, lets you send SMS using the phone numbers in your Azure Communication Services.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Simple, but effective addition to the Azure suite of Power Automate connectors. 4 stars


ClickSend connector for business SMS provides 14 actions and a single trigger to improve your business connections. Actions include the ability to:

  • Send a voice message or fax, up to 1,224 standard characters SMS, one or more postcards, a letter, an MMS
  • Create, get or delete a new contact or contact list
  • Get a list of searched contact lists
  • Convert a media file format

The trigger lets you create a new inbound automation.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Looks like this connector covers lots of territory. 4 stars!

Cloudmersive Currency

Is your work global? If you need to deal with a variety of currencies, Cloudmersive Currency connector is one to consider. It can retrieve exchange rates and convert prices between currencies. Its three actions include:

  • Get the exchange rate from the source currency to the destination currency using using current exchange rate data.
  • Get a list of available currencies and the countries that correspond to them.
  • Convert the price in the source currency into the destination currency using current exchange rate data.

Cloudmersive continues to innovate and add new connectors! This marks their 10th connector for Power Automate.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Currently the only connector designed specifically for currency conversion. 5 stars for originality.

CRM bot

With CRM bot connector, you can create conversational experiences for your customers from your CRM system with the use of seven possible actions and/or a single trigger.

Your options include: create a card, a Microsoft Adaptive card, a standard text response, or an image to send to a user. With the use of the trigger, you can send your response to the user within the context of existing conversation, or send your response to the user outside of the standard conversation (which requires a user ID.)

The trigger fires “when Intent is detected” which is described as “matches a user request to one of your Intents with fulfillment.” Actually, we’re not sure what this means!

Rating: 2 out of 5.

An automation that can make a customer’s experiences more personal has potential to make your company feel more real. 2 stars for now.

HYAS Insight

All action, the HYAS Insight integration to Microsoft Azure Sentinel provides “direct, high volume access to HYAS Insight data.” This infrastructure security connector lets you retrieve:

  • Current WHOIS, passive DNS enrichment data for a domain
  • SSL certificate, sinkhole, passive hash, passive DNS, or dynamic DNS enrichment data for an IP address
  • Historic WHOIS enrichment data for a phone number, email address, or domain
  • Dynamic DNS enrichment data for an email address
  • Device Geo enrichment data for IPv4 or an IPv6 address.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel users will appreciate what this connector can deliver. 4 stars.

That brings the total number of Power Automate connectors to 416!

But wait, that’s not all!

Shifts for Microsoft Teams UPDATE

If you’re the one who has to handle all of the company’s scheduling, you’ll be glad to know there are 5 new triggers added to Shifts for Microsoft Teams connector.

The new triggers add a lot more body to this increasingly more robust connector. The latest additions include: trigger when a shift, open shift, swap shift, offer shift, or time off is created, updated or deleted.

New connectors, new triggers. Power Automate just keeps getting more versatile! We can help you find the right connectors for your next project. Contact us.

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