5 New Power Automate Connectors Arrive

5 New Power Automate Connectors Arrive

So much to talk about today! Power Automate connectors for data storage, business research, task management, permissions and data transformation have all arrived and there’s a great chance that there’s something you can use.

Amazon S3 connector icon
Amazon S3

Microsoft has unleashed Amazon S3 Power Automate connector for users to access Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3 for short), the data storage services provided by Amazon Web Services. We see this latest tool as simple but lacking the ability to send data for storage. This connector is useful only if you need to retrieve data already stored in S3.

Four actions include:

  • List S3 buckets
  • List S3 objects in a bucket
  • Get metadata of an S3 object
  • Get content of an S3 object

It’s single trigger fires when an S3 object is updated, getting its metadata.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

One we’ve been waiting for! Sadly we can only award 3.5 stars since you can’t send data to S3.

Bitvore Cellenus Connector icon
Bitvore Cellenus

Bitvore Cellenus connector provides you access to information about corporate entities, companies and organizations available in the Bitvore database. If you’re researching, forecasting, looking to stay on top of the latest news about companies in which you plan invest your time or finances, or want to stay abreast of your competitors, this connector may help.

Companies can be searched for based on selected criteria such as name, stock ticker, industry, or an entity using a uniquely identifying Bitvore ID. It’s three actions offer:

  • Organization search: Use one of two possible approaches, a lookup or a query using parameters. The lookup takes a single string as input to matching entities, while a “parameterized” query takes one or more search parameters.
  • Organization matching: Finds companies matching input specifications made up of a list of property values. Multiple companies can be matched in a single call.
  • Organization details: returns detailed information about the company with a given Bitvore ID.

In order to use this connector, you will need a valid API Key provided by Bitvore.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Business research automated! Five stars.

Kanbanize connector icon

The Kanbanize connector for Power Automate is a task management solution that allows you to create, update or move cards inside your Kanban boards, create subtasks, add comments or log your time to a card. Additionally, you can get all types within the account, all lanes for a specified board, all columns from a specified board, or all boards.

To use the Kanbanize connector you will need to have a registered account with Kanbanize and permissions to use the API.

This addition makes 15 available task management connectors for Power Automate. We can help you find the one you need for your next project.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Another in a small sea of task management connectors. While this will do the job, at the moment we’re looking for stand-out features. Three stars.

LatinShare SHP Permissions icon
LatinShare SHP Permissions

SharePoint online users with business in Latin America or whose constituents are Spanish-speaking have something to be excited about today with the addition of LatinShare SHP Permissions. This connector provides a set of three possible actions related to SharePoint Online. With it you can manage SharePoint site permissions, list permissions or item permissions. Each of the three actions allows you the capability to grant, remove, delete all, and/or restore inheritance permissions to them.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Select in its niche, permissions control need global reach. Timely. Four stars.

Transform2All connector icon

From GAC Business Solutions comes the Transform2ALL Power Automate connector for data format transformation. With its sole action, this connector lets you take your content as a base64 string and convert it to any of these four formats.

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • TXT

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A single but powerful action. Looking forward to more. Four stars.

It looks like we may well wind up the year 2020 with at least 450 Power Automate connectors at our fingertips as today’s drop of these five puts the grand total at 443 connectors! Have you used any of the apps we’ve been talking about? We’d love to hear about your project.

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