Six New Power Automate Connectors from Apptigent, AvePoint, LatinShare, DocuSign & Power Apps

Six New Power Automate Connectors from Apptigent, AvePoint, LatinShare, DocuSign & Power Apps

WOW! What a big, big day in Power Automate connectors. There were six brand new connectors launched, from Apptigent, AvePoint, LatinShare, DocuSign and Power Apps. There are a few absolute super stars here, and a couple big misses. Check them all out below and let us know which you’re most excited for.

Apptigent PowerTools PRO

Apptigent PowerTools PRO connector lets users manipulate text, modify collections, format dates and times, convert currency, perform advanced math calculations, shorten URL’s, encode and decode strings, convert text to speech and translate content into multiple languages. Wow! With a list of actions so long it makes the most sense to check out the specifics here if you’re thinking this might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Impressive tool right at the starting gate. 5 stars!

AvePoint Cloud Governance

Foggy day? Control the cloud with both actions and triggers using the AvePoint Cloud Governance connector. This one lets automation control “provisioning, management, and lifecycle for Teams, Groups, Communities, and Sites.”

It includes 3 actions to submit, update and list details on requests. But now this connector gets more unique – it has triggers galore! Most new connectors we see only have no triggers, a few may have one. Here is the full list of triggers available in AvePoint’s connector:

  • a request is submitted, approved, rejected, completed, or cancelled
  • a renewal task is overdue or completed
  • an approval task is assigned
  • an end user completes a governance details confirmation task for a workspace
  • an error task is generated, skipped or retried
  • when an import process with pre-defined governance details is completed

We love seeing a connector with triggers, especially so many! This allows for quite the flow to be created.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 stars!

LatinShare SHP Management

This is the first of two new connectors from LatinShare, a company selling en EspaΓ±ol. This first one befuddles me. The uniqueness of this connector, thus far, seems to be that it is in Spanish. It has 12 actions, all of which are SharePoint related. This is the interesting part – there doesn’t seem to be anything within this connector that you can’t already get from the SharePoint Connector. It feels a bit harsh, but unless I’m missing something, this connector gets…

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I can’t see how this connector ever needs to be used when SharePoint has its own connector.

LatinShare Documents

We’re back with LatinShare, who also launched this document generation and conversion connector. Every week, we’re seeing more players in this space. With a large body of competition, we’re always looking for unique features to set one connector apart from the rest. Once again, we’re left hoping for more. The scope here is limited to work only with three file types: docs, html and pdf. Sad to say, we’re rating this connector low as well (for now).

Rating: 2 out of 5.

There are better options out there that do more.

DocuSign Demo

It may just be unfortunate timing for LatinShare Documents to launch the same day as DocuSign Demo. DocuSign already has a robust connector offering, and it’s now extending those same actions and trigger for a DocuSign Demo environment. We haven’t seen this yet, and love that it gives you a chance to test-drive both DocuSign and Power Automate connectivity before you commit to buying.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This is a great option for document management.

Power Apps Notification V2

OK, we have saved the best for last in today’s new connector review: Power Apps Notification V2.

Upon first glance, this looks like a simple connector, with only one action. BUT OH WHAT AN ACTION!

Send push notification.

This extremely powerful action allows you to send a push notification to any app created in Power Apps or Field Service! WHAT?! This is amazing. Apply this to any flow you have. More to come on this, much more! Stay tuned!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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