New in Power Automate: Cloudmersive Barcode

New in Power Automate: Cloudmersive Barcode

Today, one new connector was added to Power Automate: Cloudmersive Barcode. This brings the total count of Power Automate connectors to 345. Cloudmersive continues to innovate and add new connectors to Power Automate. On March 24, we wrote about Cloudmersive’s connector Cloudmersive PDF.

Cloudmersive now has six connectors:

  • Data Validation
  • Document Conversion
  • Image Processing
  • PDF
  • Virus Scan
  • Barcode

If you look at the full list of Power Automate connectors, there are only two companies who offer more connectors than Cloudmersive: Microsoft and Azure. What do we like about the Cloudmersive connectors? Their simplicity. Each connector has a clear, concise job. The company offers excellent documentation, both business facing and technical. They’re easy to get started with.

Cloudmersive launches Barcode connector in Power Automate.
Cloudmersive’s newest connector focuses on Barcodes.

What is Cloudmersive Barcode?

Cloudmersive Barcode has a simple job: it can scan an image for a barcode and return the result, and it can generate several barcode types.

The connector itself has seven actions:

  • Generate a EAN-13 code barcode as PNG file
  • Generate a EAN-8 code barcode as PNG file
  • Generate a QR code barcode as PNG file
  • Generate a UPC-A code barcode as PNG file
  • Generate a UPC-E code barcode as PNG file
  • Lookup EAN barcode value, return product data
  • Scan, recognize image for a barcode
This connector gets five stars from Reenhanced!

Need Help?

If you’re an organization who relies on barcode use, this connector can really add to your automation plans. We are here to help if you want to get started with this or any other Power Automate connector. Click the button below to contact one of our friendly automation specialists.

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