Connect with new Office 365 Groups Mail

Connect with new Office 365 Groups Mail

The new Office 365 Groups Mail connector for Power Automate is all about keeping groups communication organized.

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Office 365 Groups Mail

While there are now 357 connectors available to tempt you, for cohesive development you might consider adopting Office 365 Groups connector to use for calendar scheduling as a companion this new mail connector.

How Can this Connector Help You?

Office 365 Groups Mail actions allow you to start a new group by creating a thread, to create a new conversation in a group, or a new thread in a specific conversation, and to delete those conversation threads when they are no longer needed.

You’ll be able to get a specific thread post, conversation thread, or the properties of a particular conversation. As you might expect, you can add or reply to a post, forward it, or post to a thread in a group conversation.

Lists available include conversations or threads of a group, all of the threads in a group conversation, posts to a specific conversation thread, or a list of attachments that belong to a post.

This connector triggers when a new email arrives to a group.

If you decide to use this connector in your work or need assistance to get rolling, we’d love to hear from you. CONTACT Reenhanced at +1 (215)-804-9408.

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