Encodian’s Document Conversion Connector Delivers

Encodian’s Document Conversion Connector Delivers

Document conversion connector Encodian just released a few additions to its already robust work.

It is painful to convert document formats inside Power Automate. Encodian’s full-featured connector helps make this easier. With so many possible document and image types, any connector that can simplify the process of getting your data in the format you need is a lifesaver. In case you haven’t run across this connector yet, it is certainly worth a look. 

Document conversion from PDF to Word

What could this connector do before this update? 

Let’s consider what the Encodian connector could handle before this update. Encodian’s connector already provided document format conversion from PDF to Word; HTML or Web URL to Word, parses CSV and returns extractions in JSON. It could already extract data using optical character recognition (OCR) from more than 70 different file types, including PDF documents. 

But wait, there’s more! Prior to this latest update the connector could also replace or reformat, provide text redaction, image replacement and cleanup, add watermarking, page numbers, or add headers and footers to PDF and Word files. 

Usable for document conversion with Power Automate, Power Apps, and Logic Apps, Encodian isn’t done yet! 

What document conversion changes make this a better connector? 

Developers of the Encodian connector clearly have the user in mind and they’ve added more valuable resources in it. 

The updates include:

  • Reading a QR Code or a Barcode in an image or document
  • Creating a Barcode
  • Searching regular text expressions (regex),
  • Extracting text from an image using optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Extracting images from a PDF and
  • Converting an image format

We like this update and we can help you find the right connectors for your project. CONTACT US for more information.

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