Dynamics 365 CRM System Administrator How To Guide: Add or Remove Entities in Global Search

Dynamics 365 CRM System Administrator How To Guide: Add or Remove Entities in Global Search

As a System Administrator, you may want to add or remove entities that appear in global search. Dynamics 365 comes with certain entities (or tables, as is the current vernacular) turned on for Global Search: Account, Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Activity, Case, User is the standard lineup.

Problem: My organization doesn’t use Cases, and we use two custom entities that are not currently part of global search (but should be).

Solution: I need to remove Cases and add the custom entities in Global Search. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add and remove entities from global search in Dynamics 365.

If you need a refresher/how-to on editing system views, check out this blog that walks you through each step (for both Online and On Premise customers)! Also, check out this blog article that talks about working with Solution files.
Some Important Notes

This is a system settings update, so you will make the change in your model-driven app (not in Power Apps). If you want this change made in multiple environments (Dev, Sandbox, Production), you will need to repeat these steps in each. You will need System Administrator or System Customizer security roles to make these updates to your system.

Let’s Make Some Global Search Changes!
  1. Navigate to Advanced Settings from Dynamics 365. At the top right-hand corner, click the gear icon, then select Advanced Settings.dynamics 365 advanced settings
  2. Select Settings > Administration. Click the carrot next to Settings to expand the full settings menu. Then, choose Administration (highlighted below).
    Administration settings
  3. Open System Settings (highlighted below).system settings
  4. About halfway down the General Tab, find the “Set up Search” area. Click the Select… button (circled below) next to “Select entities for Categorized Search.” Dynamics 365: search settings
  5. In a new window that pops up, you will select the entities that should be searched when users are utilizing the Global Search feature.
    * To Remove: Select any from the right-hand column, click the “< Remove” button and they will no longer be included in Global Search. 
    * To Add: Select any Available Entity from the left-hand column. Click the “Add >” button to move it to “Selected Entities.”
  6. Click OK when you are finished.
Helpful Tips When Updating Global Search
  • You can include up to 10 entities (tables) in the search.
  • The order in the “Selected Entities” section will be the order in which a user’s results are displayed.
  • Don’t forget to update your system settings in all environments!
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