Dynamics 365: Setting up Flip Switch Control for Two Option (Boolean) Fields

Dynamics 365: Setting up Flip Switch Control for Two Option (Boolean) Fields

There are so many form and field controls available in Dynamics 365. We have blogged quite a bit about UI controls and thought it would be great to continue with other options. Today, we will dive in and take a look at the Flip Switch custom control available for two option fields.

Flip Switch control applied to a simple Yes/No boolean field.
Flip Switch control applied to a simple Yes/No field.
Configure Flip Switch in Power Apps

For Dynamics 365 Online users, here are the steps to configure this control:

1. Go to make.powerapps.com, head over to a Solution file you’ve already created, and open the Form where you want to apply the control.
2. Click on the field where you want this control applied.
3. On the right-hand panel that expands, click Components and then click the + Component button.

Add component: How to apply Flip Switch control on a form in Dynamics 365
Add component to this field.

4. All controls available in the maker experience will show up. In this example, select Flip-Switch.

5. Next, you need to select scope for this control. It will default to checking boxes for all options: web, mobile and tablet. When finished, click Done.

Configure scope for your field control.
If you do not want this (or any other) control to appear on a Tablet, for example, you would simply uncheck that box. If you want the field to always appear as a Flip-Switch, regardless of how a user accesses Dynamics 365, leave them all checked.

6. Finally, Save & Publish your changes!

Configure Flip Switch in Classic Solution Designer

For Dynamics 365 On Premises users, you will be using the Classic Solution Designer. Follow these steps to apply the Flip Switch control to a field.

1. From the Classic Solution Designer, open your Entity.
2. Open the Form on the Entity.

Open your Entity, then open the Form.
Open your Entity, then open the Form.

3. From the Form designer, open the field you want to apply a custom control on (in this example, we will use Interested in Widgets? on the Lead, which is a Boolean field).

4. Click the Controls tab, then click Add Control… (highlighted below).

On the field, select Add Control...

5. Select Flip-Switch from the list that appears in a popup window, then click Add.

Configure Flip Switch in the Classic Solution designer for Dynamics 365.

6. Set your Scope by selecting Web, Phone and/or Tablet from where you’d like this control to appear.

Set scope for the flip switch control

7. Back on the Field Properties box, click OK at the bottom.
8. This takes you back to the Form editor. Save your changes then Publish.

Good Luck & Enjoy Your New Control!

Congratulations! You’ve learned how to configure the flip switch control in Dynamics 365! Armed with this and other tools, you’re ready to keep increasing user adoption at your company. Have fun, good luck and feel free to reach out to me if you need help: [email protected].

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