Education Connector for Marketing Automation Lands When it’s Needed

Education Connector for Marketing Automation Lands When it’s Needed

For marketing automation, and in light of school closures during the pandemic, the Dutch creators at Eduframe probably asked a question.

Looks like Eduframe delivered a new connector that answers the question and fulfills the need. So what’s the question?

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a connector that could reach students through enrollment and allow educational institutions to offer their courses online?”

A full-featured management system, Eduframe connector integrates users, accounts, invoices, courses, and categories into flows with seamless integration to Canvas LMS.

Eduframe’s new connector brings the total number of available Power Automate connectors to 352!

What does it mean for education?

If you’re not in the field of education or someone who has school age kids, you may not know that Canvas LMS is a popularly used online educational software program for both K-12 and college level learning. Plus, with over 30 million users worldwide, lots of institutions rely on Canvas software for their classrooms. Eduframe’s connector syncing with Canvas LMS helps bring classroom learning from brick and mortar schools to the online world.

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As a marketing automation connector, Eduframe helps educational institutions automatically publish to a storefront on their website with course listings, registration forms, pricing and online payment. This avails the opportunity for follow-up in Eduframe or from among a handful of the prominent mailing list hubs they may already be using. And it can integrate to the CRM or accounting software that many schools use now.

How does this automation impact the user?

We liked the idea that the Eduframe integration with Canvas allows students a single sign-on to both apps. And meetings planned in Eduframe for face-to-face or hybrid courses can sync to the Canvas calendar so students have a complete overview of what’s happening.

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