New Connector in Power Automate: DataScope Forms

New Connector in Power Automate: DataScope Forms

Today there’s a new forms data collection connector in Power Automate, which makes 386 available connectors!

DataScope Forms

DataScopes Forms converts your paper forms into interactive ones using any mobile device. The information you input syncs automatically anytime there is an internet connection so you can work online or offline without the concern of data loss or smudged ink.

With this forms data collection connector you can gather rich data like barcodes, timestamps and GPS location as well as basic identifiers like name and address, order number, or signature. In addition there’s a “create your own forms” option that provides added flexibility.

DataScope, with locations in both the U.S. and South America offers use case possibilities including: installation & maintenance, inspections & audits, incident and safety hazards, quality assurance, field surveys and field sales.

Dig a little deeper and imagine that your team is surveying what’s happening at multiple locations where your client is providing mass inoculation. You want to track data that will let you gather important details so that you can provide an assessment of their company’s efficiency and effectiveness in specified areas or gather baseline information that may help in later vaccine distribition.

The DataScope Forms Power Automate connector has a single trigger that fires when a response is submitted. This has the potential to let you track in real time what’s happening at your sites and to pinpoint problem areas more quickly. We see this connector as a handy tool; its usefulness limited only by your imagination.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

We think this connector has wide-use potential, we give this one three stars!

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