New in Power Automate: Slascone

New in Power Automate: Slascone
Slascone is now a Power Automate connector. Slascone is licensing for software and IoT vendors

Today for the first time, Slascone was added as a Power Automate connector, bringing the total number of Power Automate connectors to 331.

This connector allows you to connect your Slascone customer records to any other Microsoft service using the Power Automate services. Currently, it has a trigger on when customers are added, meaning you can use this as an event to cause your automation to play.

For actions, the only things present are customer creation and customer updates. You can use the Slascone connector to sync up your customer records with records in Excel, Common Data Service, or any other service through the connectors.

Additionally, you could use another action (for example an email or internal workflow) that can automate the creation of customers inside Slascone. Using this, you could make a very nice automated onboarding process for new customers.

What is Slascone?

Slascone is license management software-as-a-service for developers of software products. Because licensing is hard and is the focal point for hackers it’s a good idea to have a vendor help ensure your licensing needs are secure at least until such point that your organization is large enough to roll your own solution.

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