New in Power Automate: TRIGGERcmd, OpenText CS, and DocumentsCorePack

New in Power Automate: TRIGGERcmd, OpenText CS, and DocumentsCorePack

On Friday April 3, three new connectors were released to the Power Platform, bringing the total number of connectors to 343.

What is TRIGGERcmd?
TRIGGERcmd is a RPA connector

TRIGGERcmd is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) agent that allows you to run commands on computers remotely. It is very similar to the UI Flow feature offered by Microsoft, but comes at a cost of $15 per year (compared to Microsoft’s UI Flow pricing at $150 per month!)

TRIGGERcmd offers a free option that provides 1 action per minute on one computer. With a $15 per year subscription, this limit is lifted.

TRIGGERcmd goes beyond simple RPA and offers a paywall feature, which means you can tie payment to the actions, however we would recommend something like the Stripe connector instead so you can be more flexible.

We see this connector, in combination with other tools like AutoIt as a way to drastically decrease costs for RPA. You can realistically choose this instead of a UI Flow for your RPA projects. (Development will be initially more involved, but UI Flows are in preview anyway.)

What is OpenTextCS by OneFox?
“… It’s time to start bringing order to the chaos.”

OpenText CS by OneFox is a Power Platform connector that brings the services of OpenText. The highly informative video above will give you a crystal clear idea of what OpenText does and leave you without a single additional question of any type.

Use this connector to bring together Open Text Content server and Power Platform. The OpenText Content server acts as a file storage hub in combination with OpenText document and information services. This connector is a good way to expand upon an existing OpenText implementation.

Inside this connector, you’ll find actions that allow you to:

  • Update file and folder data and metadata
  • Search folders for content by type
  • Retrieve file content or folder information
  • Delete files and folders
  • Create files and folders

We don’t know much about OpenText, but One Fox seems to have done a great job with this connector.

What is DocumentsCorePack?
Bringing the power of DocumentsCorePack to the Power Platform

DocumentsCorePack is a connector by that allows you to get templates and create, print, and store or email documents thru a flow. You can also link .PDFs files to .DOCX files. (Full disclosure: Reenhanced is a partner.)

This connector, while it is available, is still in beta and isn’t quite ready for use. We’ve spoken to and they’ve recommended you wait until their April release announcement before you start to use this connector.

But if you’re a bit of a rebel and like to explore new things there’s nothing stopping you from diving in right now. Here’s what the connector offers:

  • Print files and documents (DCP printers must be setup separately)
  • Create documents from a DCP template
  • Concatenate files (even those of different types: .PDF and .DOCX)
  • Queue a document creation job
  • Retrieve results of queued document creation jobs

As a partner of MSCRM-ADDONS, we have reached out to get more information about this connector. We’ll be posting our interview in a follow-up blog post. Keep your eyes peeled!

What else is new in Power Platform?

April 3rd was a big day for Power Platform bringing a range of changes in addition to the ones listed above. We’ve noticed the following updates:

  • A new format for the documentation portal. You can now filter connectors by connector type: Standard, Premium, Preview, Production and by platform availability.
  • Icon updates for various services
Are you building a service with these connectors?

We would love to hear from you! We love learning about creative ways people have used the Power Platform and would be happy to share your experience here, especially if it’s using one of the new connectors available in Power Platform.

Alternatively, if you’d like a hand building a Power Automate flow, a Logic App, or a Power App using these or other connectors smack the button below and one of our friendly specialists will be happy to help.

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