New Power Automate Connectors for CDK Drive and Microsoft 365 Compliance

New Power Automate Connectors for CDK Drive and Microsoft 365 Compliance

CDK Drive Service Vehicles

CDK Drive Service Vehicles

Got a long list of service appointments and repair orders?

A new Power Automate connector for Fortellis users only, CDK Drive Service Vehicles allows you to associate identification, type, status, and customer information about a vehicle. As a dependency for service appointment and repair order workflows, the connector has four actions that allow you to create, update, query, and retrieve service domain vehicle information in CDK Drive.

In order to use the connector, you must create a solution in Fortellis that generates client ID and a “secret” for calling the APIs.

Use cases for this connector include the ability to: create or update service vehicle information, link a customer to a service vehicle, or search for existing service vehicles either by ID or filter criteria. In the Dynamics 365 world, this is similar to what the Field Service application does. For Dynamics 365 CE customers who fit into the automotive industry, this presents a potentially interesting alternative to licensing and implementing the Field Service arm of Dynamics 365, as both solutions provide service appointments and repair orders.

For Fortellis users it’s a handy tool, so we give it three stars.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

CDK Drive Customers

CDK Drive Customer icon

Need to track your customers or prospects?

CDK Drive Customer, also designed for Fortellis users, lets you find, retrieve, and filter service customers in CDK Drive or to create a basic customer record. CDK Drive Customer exposes the customer data.

This can be useful because it allows you to link and setup syncs of CDK Drive Customer data to that of other systems. If your dealership’s customer exists in a CRM system like Dynamics 365 for example, this connector can tie service or sales workflows to an individual buyer, prospective one, or to those who have purchased parts or who have had their vehicle repaired or serviced through the dealership.

With the addition of this connector it looks as though its creators planned to cover all the bases for dealers who need to harness workflows for both customers and the vehicles that they sell, service and repair. Four stars!

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Microsoft 365 Compliance icon

Microsoft 365 Compliance

Are you responsible for risk management?

The new Microsoft 365 Compliance connector has six actions to protect and govern your data and for mitigating risks. Actions include: getting an insider risk management user, an alert, a case or alerts for a case, the compliance violation metadata, and/or you can add a note to the insider risk management case.

Any connector that helps you to minimize risk and ensure compliance gets 5 stars in our book!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There are 400 connector options for Power Automate! Since there are so many to choose from, you may want a set of expert eyes to guide you in choosing what will work best for your project. Contact an expert at Reenhanced.

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