Power Automate Connectors for SMS

Power Automate Connectors for SMS

In the past, we have reviewed Power Automate connectors for Document Signing and Marketing Automation. Today, we dive into what is available for SMS providers in the Power Automate universe.

The Players

When it comes to SMS providers who offer connectors in Power Automate, you have your pick from a hefty group. As of today, November 25, 2020, there are 23 connectors available. We’ll group them into the following categories:

SMS as primary offering

  1. Azure Communication Services SMS
  2. Boomapp connect
  3. ClickSend SMS
  4. FireText
  5. LINK Mobility
  6. Mitto
  7. MobilyWS
  8. Plivo
  9. Sendmode
  10. Serwer
  11. SMSAPI
  12. TeleSign SMS
  13. Twilio
  14. TxtSync
  15. Tyntec SMS Business

SMS as secondary offering

  1. Engagement Cloud
  2. Infobip
  3. Nexmo
  4. sms77io

Geographically specific / Niche focused

  1. Africa’s Talking SMS: Available only within Africa.
  2. D7SMS: Check balances and send SMS to recipients using D7 SMS Gateway.
  3. Mtarget SMS: France-based provider.
  4. SMSLink: Romania-based SMS provider.
Evaluation Criteria

For the purpose of this evaluation, we will focus on the group of connectors that offer SMS as their primary focus. To evaluate them, we are using the following simple criteria:

  • Ability to send single SMS messages
  • Ability to send mass SMS messages
  • Ability to edit/update contacts
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Has triggers
  • Has actions
How do they stack up??
SMS Power Automate Connector Rankings
Power Automate Connectors for SMS Rankings

The clear stand-outs here are:

  1. Boomapp connect
  2. TxtSync

We were surprised by this and expected Twilio, with its good name recognition and solid command on the SMS market, to have more. Perhaps there will be more to come.

Stay tuned for our next installment, where we’ll dive deeper into Boomapp connect and TxtSync.

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