Shifts, OpenText for eDOCS and HouseRater QA Power Automate Connectors Added

Shifts, OpenText for eDOCS and HouseRater QA Power Automate Connectors Added

Staff Scheduling

Microsoft Shifts connector

Microsoft’s StaffHub connector has now been fully deprecated and replaced with Shifts connector for Microsoft Teams. The new connector will help take the sting out of scheduling challenges for human resource managers. At the same time, it makes it easier for team members to see their own schedule, make schedule change requests, grab an open shift or request a shift swap with another team member.

Whether your team is on-site or remote, if you’re the one responsible for creating and maintaining staff schedules, this automation’s actions will help make sure that work coverage holes are covered. It centralizes scheduling, giving users more control and eliminates the possibility that you’ll receive time off and shift change requests through email, hand-written notes, texts or random personal encounters with staff. Team members will see what’s approved or not and put in swap requests for your approval without you having to talk to both parties.

Document Management

OpenText eDOCS Power Automate connector for use with eDOCS by OneFox lets users streamline content processes. Its actions include the ability to create, get, update or delete a document or folder, get or update document content or properties, to add or remove a reference from a folder, get children of a folder, or to perform a search or advanced search on profile metadata.

What does this all mean for you? If you need automation of data collection from creation point to distribution eDOCS workflow templates let you obtain approvals and digital signatures, automate onboarding tasks for HR or sales, archive content from team collaboration and popular social media platforms, sync cloud storage with OpenText content servers, or archive your mission critical files important in disaster recovery.

Energy Efficiency

HouseRater QA connector

HouseRater QA connector has been added for HouseRater QA Cloud. HouseRater describes the app as “a web and mobile tool for storing, collecting and combining field inspection data with information stored in energy modeling software.”

The app can improve the raters work to benefit the industry by ultimately homeowners by rating houses for code compliance, utility rebate programs, and the RESNET HERS Score. (Residential Energy Services Network or RESNET, the industry standard for judging the energy performance of a new or completely renovated house, calculates a home’s energy efficiency.)

The connector lets you create or update an inspection inside of the HouseRater app. It triggers when there is an inspection status change.

Trigger Assurance

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Power Automate connector

We’d be remiss not to mention an important new trigger that’s been added to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Customer Insights connector. It will now trigger a flow when a full database availability group (DAG) run* has completed.

*A DAG is a set of up to 16  Exchange mailbox servers that provide automatic database-level recovery from a database, server, or network failure. 

I have to admit I was excited at the prospect of new connectors being added so as to bring the grand total to 365 Power Automate connectors, one for each day of the year. Little did I expect that with these three added this week, there are now 366 available connectors for Power Automate!

If you’re as excited as we are about the low-code potential that these connectors offer for your business, let’s talk! Contact the Reenhanced Team for your next project.

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