Microsoft To-Do Task Management Connector Update

Microsoft To-Do Task Management Connector Update

This task management connector update may be less wonky.

For task management, Microsoft’s To-Do connector for Business could pave the way toward something more robust but as a Wunderlist user forced to move from my comfy place, I’m uncomfortable.

What can To-Do do now that it didn’t before?

They have added actions that offer the ability to create a to-do list, to get a specific list or one with a given ID;  to add, update or delete a task in your list(s), or to retrieve a list of the tasks from a specific list or from all lists.

Previously non-existent in this connector, triggers have also been added for when a new task is created or updated, or when one has been created or updated in a specific folder.

Why Task Management through Tech?

I’m not happy when I miss a deadline…any deadline. Mostly, I dislike looking foolish, so I rely heavily on tech for task management. You could argue that if that’s a problem I should just go back to paper and pencil. Fair point.

To-Do List
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But that brings up a bunch of other issues. Where’s that paper with my list on it? I wrote a note-to-self during a meeting but now I don’t know what it means. Or, my personal nemesis: repeating tasks for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual to-dos.

You see? Not really an option.

In 2015 Microsoft bought Wunderlist from founder Christian Reber but retired it today in favor of its own task management app. As a Wunderlist user and fan, I’ll admit bias here.

While Microsoft did state in its blog that Wunderlist app was becoming more difficult to maintain over time, its replacement seems short-sighted. Microsoft already had a head start with the user-friendly interface for which Wunderlist was known. And it could have spent time restructuring the areas they felt needed adaptation to make it even better rebranding it as To-Do.

Even after Reber’s widely reported lament in tweet offering to buy the app back from Microsoft in late 2019, still today marks the ax of Wunderlist.

tasks completed
Good-bye old friend

The Takeaway

While the added actions and new triggers in the Microsoft To-Do (Business) connector make it possible that it will ultimately impress, right now I see To-Do as a rush to market. I’d rather have a piece of tech that’s killer from the start.

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