Tooltips in Dynamics 365: A Quick User Adoption Win

Tooltips in Dynamics 365: A Quick User Adoption Win

When creating new fields for your users in Dynamics 365, add tooltips to help with user adoption. What is a tool tip? Simple! When your user hovers over a field, it will define or describe this field for them.

Let’s illustrate this from both the front ends of CRM and the back end. First, let’s see what a tooltips looks like to your users.

Use tooltips to help define or describe a field to your user.
A Contact in CRM – the tooltip is highlighted.

Your user can simply hover over a field, like Job Title in the above screen shot, to get a definition or description of what this field means. This is useful for company or industry specific fields.

Here’s how to set up a tooltip on the back end:

  • Go to
  • Within the desired solution file, open the field where you need to add or edit a tooltip.
  • Expand the Advanced options section.
Expand Advanced Options
Expand Advanced options
  • In the Description field, enter the text that should appear when a user hovers over a field in Dynamics 365.
Enter text in the Description box - this will display as the tool tip on the field for your users.
Add your tooltip in the Description box

There you have it! Super simple, yet very powerful for your users. We all want to encourage user adoption of our Dynamics 365 system. Tooltips are a very simple way to help a little bit. Check out some of these other great resources to help encourage user adoption using configuration tools:

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