Vantage 365 Imaging Connector for QR Codes Saves Time

Vantage 365 Imaging Connector for QR Codes Saves Time

Power Up Your Docs

The Vantage 365 Imaging connector for Power Automate streamlines registrations, ticketing and more by generating QR codes or barcodes.

Its uses are limited only by your imagination, but it definitely provides time savings by reducing repetition of the tasks you would normally do to gather key information about attendees to an event or important details contained in your documents.

You could spend time perusing the documentation about this connector, but I thought, “Why not go directly to the source?”

The result was this interview with Matthew Weston, Managing director of Vantage 365 LTD.

The Vantage 365 Imaging connector allows you to generate barcodes in a graphical format or QR codes as part of your Power Apps, Automations or Logic Apps. You can barcode anything from library books to legal documents and apply QR codes to documents or tickets for use on a mobile device making event access easily portable. And, if you want to include a QR code in an email you can make it happen with a few clicks.


Specific action includes encoding data in a graphical format using a 1D or 2D barcode. In case you were wondering, 1D barcodes can be scanned with a traditional laser or camera-based imaging scanner while 2D barcodes can only be read using imagers. Alternatively, the connector can represent a single line of text as a QR code which is ideal for storing a unique identifier or a web URL.

The Takeaway

For event registrations, attendees can preregister, putting required information into Microsoft Forms. Power Apps can automate creation of a ticket into a Word document with added information that you designate and include a QR code generated by the Vantage 365 Imaging connector. The Word document can then be converted into a PDF as a ticket that can be printed or shown on a mobile device for admission. This scan will then show that the person is in attendance.

We’d love to know useful ways you’ve dreamed up to use this connector. For assistance finding the Power Automate connectors that are right for your project, CONTACT US.

Click to play a demo video of Vantage 365

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