VARK Learning Styles Applied to Dynamics 365 Design and Build

VARK Learning Styles Applied to Dynamics 365 Design and Build

In a prior blog, we talked about how you can apply VARK learning styles to your Dynamics 365 training for end users. Let’s take it one step further today and talk about how you can apply VARK to the design and build phase of your CRM project or enhancement.

Applying learning styles to CRM design

How can understanding VARK learning styles help you with your design and build phase? Be aware of different components that can help different learning styles.

Visual Learners
Dynamics 365 is full of design components to aid in enhancing the user experience of visual learners. The graphic below spells them out in detail. Additionally, the Unified User Interface layout has a great balance of white space and boxes of information and visual controls you can use. Configuring a PowerApp (model-driven or canvas) is another great option for this learning style.
Auditory Learners
To be honest, I’m struggling with this learning style and how you can enhance user experience from a design and build perspective. Voice to Text is all I can come up with at this point, but if you have ideas, please leave a comment! I’d love to hear them!
Reading and Writing Learners
Users who best identify with the reading and writing learning style will benefit from lists and option sets over free text fields. Another great area for these users is the task and activity management areas of Dynamics 365.
Kinesthetic Learners
Apply drill down reporting and dashboard elements as you design your system to help your kinestheric users. Additionally, consider embedding or linking to videos where appropriate (for example, you can customize your help link to point to a video library).
How to Enhance Your CRM System with VARK in Mind, by Heidi Neuhauser.
More Information & Help

Do you have questions about how to apply VARK to your CRM system? Feel free to reach out to reenhanced! Fill out our Contact Form with details about what you’re working on, or email me directly at

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