WorkSpan: New Collaboration and Partner Management Connector

WorkSpan: New Collaboration and Partner Management Connector

The new partner management and collaboration connector WorkSpan for Power Automate lands at the perfect time for businesses looking to survive the present circumstances.

The Scene

Let’s say you’re a tent maker fully capable of creating, delivering, erecting and removing tents for events. And your business had been excellent before the pandemic. Now events have ground to a halt. You know that restaurants are in need of outdoor covered space and you’ve just delivered and installed a tent to one that is known for its events catering.

You’re wondering how you can be the first company called when there’s a need for more tents.

Wouldn’t it make sense to partner with the restaurant to share leads? What about an event planner, a florist, a party supply or catering company that can deliver tables, chairs, place settings?  Wouldn’t it also be fantastic to work within a system of accountability and collaboration using systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or SAP that you already have?

Driving Sales Through Collaboration

WorkSpace Power Automate connector icon

That’s only the sales side view of what drives the new WorkSpan Power Automate connector. But it can be adapted for marketing, market development funds (MDF) or solution management. It integrates your CRM, Partner Center and collaboration tools to WorkSpan to let you manage your partner programs.

Specific connector actions let you upload integration input data as a request body in .CSV or .JSON, and to upload your integration input file (attachment) in .XLSX, .JSON or .CSV formats. It triggers upon subscription to various object events such as creates or updates on opportunities, or collaboration events such as sharing, tasks and comments.

This addition makes 367 available Power Automate connectors that help to reduce repetitive tasks and move your business forward!

Whether you’d like to automate partner management and collaboration in WorkSpan, or you just want to know more about which connectors will work best for your next project, talk to Reenhanced at 215-804-9408 or CONTACT US.

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