Power Automate News: Yeeflow Delivers and Envoy Lets You set a New Course

Power Automate News: Yeeflow Delivers and Envoy Lets You set a New Course
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Look alive creators! This no-code development platform is for you.

The latest Power Automate connector, Yeeflow, lets you build apps for mobile, tablet, and web. With its actions and triggers, you can create custom forms, configure your workflows, and build a dashboard to quickly get your app up and running.

6 Actions include the ability to:

  • Add an item to a list, update it by ID or delete it.
  • Get fields of a list, or an item by ID
  • Query items

It triggers when an item is created, modified, created or modified, or when it is deleted. This connector brings the total available Power Automate connectors to a whopping 434 (if you’re counting like we are.)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Strong potential. Four stars!

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Envoy account users will be psyched to learn that the Envoy connector for managing building visitors and deliveries, reserving desks or office space, etc. just dropped an update that doubles its possible actions. They’ve added 10 new actions plus a trigger that are definitely worth mentioning.

If you’re not already using it, it might help to know that this connector lets users connect their Envoy account (REST API endpoints) to any other connectors. One use case that Envoy offers is that you could create bulk invites in Envoy with details from a Microsoft Excel Online spreadsheet.

In addition to the original set of actions, with this connector you can now get: a list of employees, blocklist filters, flows, invites, locations, company info, or get one entry or one invite. And you can add a blocklist filter or update one invite. This connector will trigger an action in MS Flow when an Envoy Invite is created.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

To take advantage, you’ll need an Envoy account, but it seems its creators are responding to a variety of possible use cases in delivering these new features. That’s fantastic. Four stars!

Automation saves time. Reenhanced understands automation and we can help you find the best connectors for your project. CONTACT us to plan your next project.

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