You Need A CRM: Here’s What’s Possible in 2020.

You Need A CRM: Here’s What’s Possible in 2020.

So it’s 2020 and you’re still unsure of the benefits of a CRM?
Here are 5 things you can do today with a modern CRM system.

Automatic Marketing

Add someone to your CRM and your CRM can automatically begin the process of turning that lead into a sale. How?

Let’s say you add someone from a trade show. You can have a set of processes that automatically run to email your new lead then have your salespeople followup and more. And all of this can happen without a single lead falling through the cracks.
Micro-Applications for different user types

Your CRM is not just for salespeople to remember phone numbers and appointments, it’s a tool for everyone who supports sales. But how can you ask non-salespeople to use it without being overwhelmed?

This is 2020. Today, you can create micro applications that work with the same underlying database, but show non-technical users only the data they need to complete their role. By building smaller apps, you bring better data in and it can make the whole organization stronger. (Microsoft Dynamics calls these Model-Driven apps. See our Blog Series on Model-Driven Apps.
Eliminate Data Silos

You know the pain of having your organization’s data spread across multiple systems if you don’t have a CRM in 2020.

A well implemented CRM gives your organization a single location where all of your organizations most valuable data can live. Until you have all of your data in a place you can work with it, you can’t gain insight from it.
Powerful reporting, including trends and projections

You’re losing ground to competitors if you still don’t have a way to visualize your company’s performance in real-time.

Today’s modern CRMs give you tools and insights you need to stay competitive.
Your CRM can work harder than your sales staff

The real magic of CRM happens when you realize your systems can work harder than your sales staff can.

You can setup automatons to hook into your website leads, chatbots to handle incoming leads on social networks, and integrations to work with any of your other custom apps.

Instead of training your sales staff, your investment lets you build once and then continuously improve, ever widening your moat on the market.
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