2 New Connectors Join Power Automate: intelliHR & Captisa Forms

2 New Connectors Join Power Automate: intelliHR & Captisa Forms

Over the weekend, Power Automate added two new connectors, one for HR and one for form building, bringing the grand total of currently active connectors to 489.

Both intelliHR and Captisa Forms created well-built connectors that add some excellent triggers and actions to the Power Automate world. Let’s take a deeper look at each and give you some ideas on how you can use them.


This connector is for Human Resources automations. There are 49 actions and one trigger, so you can automate pretty much everything you need to with this one. You’ll have to pay $60-$165 AUD per user, per year to get started with this company depending on the level you select. For now, they have excellent documentation for Zapier business use cases, but nothing yet for Power Automate – a little disappointing, but I’m sure it’s coming.

New connectors: intelliHR

This is the first HR connector we’ve seen since the hrflow ai connector we reviewed in March. If you compare these two connectors head-to-head, intelliHR definitely comes out on top.

Here are some powerful potential use cases/Flows:

  • Trello & intelliHR: Create new tickets in Trello based on a new Person being created in intelliHR.
  • Outlook & intelliHR: Create Outlook events based on start date of employees, upcoming probation periods, work anniversaries or tasks.
  • Slack & intelliHR: Automatically trigger the new user process in Slack.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Five stars! Well built and plenty of actions to automate what you’re looking to do.

Captisa Forms

With triggers and actions, you can kick off a Flow or create/update form entries with this connector. It is simple and well built. It appears to be free as well, which makes this even more attractive. Yet again, here’s a connector that missed the mark on documentation for Power Automate. Their website has documentation available for other integrations (like Zapier), but nothing for Power Automate which is disappointing. But hey, it’s free!

New connectors: Captisa Forms
Captisa Forms

I have never used this form software, so I can’t comment on how it works. We always recommend a test drive of new platforms before diving in. Our rating is for the connector alone. And this connector seems to have it all.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Five stars for the connector!

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