Church Management Just Got Easier

Church Management Just Got Easier

Anyone who has the responsibility to manage parishioners information, giving, campaigns, gifts and appeals, read on.

Blackbaud Church Management

If you think of a church in the business sense, with its parishioners as “constituents” whose gifts need tracking in an efficient way, it seems that a typical CRM system would be the way to go. But, the folks at Blackbaud clearly know something about the unique needs of churches as opposed to businesses or non-profit organizations.

Blackbaud Church Management connector for Power Automate addresses those needs with its mile long list of actions. Actually, there are 119 of them! In this sense it seems they’ve followed the strategy of their first, a fundraising connector that launched last year Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT.

As Blackbaud words it, this new church management connector is “designed to effectively manage your people, gifts, communications, events, small groups, ministries, and payments, all in one place.”

To use this connector, you have to have a BlackBaud ID account with access to one or more Blackbaud environments and your admin must also enable this connector within that system to access Blackbaud Church Management. 

Use Cases

With such a long list of actions, your use cases are limited mostly by your imagination! Here are a few possibilities we came up with:

  • When a form is submitted, create a new constituent.
  • Automate your fundraising efforts with a combination of the following actions: Create a gift, create a gift attachment, create a gift batch, create a gift custom field.
  • Use the actions in this connector to power a customer portal, where constituents can log in, view and manage their personal information, gifts and upload and manage documents and files.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Five stars – very well built connector!

Are you building with these connectors?

We would love to know what you’re building! Our talented Power Platform specialists can help you come up with ideas about how to connect these to other Power Platform connectors or if you run into any problems. Let’s build something amazing, together. Contact a Power Platform Specialist.

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