Distribute Airtime, Sign Docs or Meet Your Membership Management Goals with These New Connectors

Distribute Airtime, Sign Docs or Meet Your Membership Management Goals with These New Connectors

What makes Power Automate connectors so powerful?

There are 465 of them to choose from so whether you’re in charge of membership management for your local non-profit or group, need to get documents signed, or nearly anything else you can imagine, there’s a connector that can help to automate your work.

Africa’s Talking AirTime

The addition of Africa’s Talking AirTime Power Automate connector completes the trifecta of Africa’s Talking connectors for SMS and Voice. So what does this new AirTime connector offer?

Two possible actions let you instantly distribute virtual airtime across mobile service providers in Africa to your users via Africa’s Talking Airtime service by:

  1. Finding a particular airtime transactions’ status, and/or
  2. Sending airtime to multiple recipients.

It triggers when you receive an delivery status notification for an initial request to send airtime.

*Note: For those already using Africa’s Talking, you might want to take a second look at their SMS connector as they’ve updated it to add three new triggers: when you receive a message in your inbox, a Delivery Report for a sent message, or when a number opts out of receiving your bulk messages. Use of any of the three require an Africa’s Talking account and the API key.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Growing options for African constituents. Two and a half stars.


It’s clear the need exists for electronic signatures and connecting them to the work you do every day! In fact, since we did this review of the document signing connectors last summer, five more including this one from Liverpool-based E-Sign brings the total of its genre to 14. This connector Power Automate connector has two actions that let you (a) create a new envelope for signing using one of your E-Sign templates, or (b) upload a file to the E-Sign platform to use to create a document for signing.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

If we put this connector on our “How do they stack up?” chart, it could be a little more robust comparatively. Two stars.


The Impexium connector for membership management for nonprofits and member-based organizations looks like the pick of the day in terms of what it can do for your organization.

Actions include your ability to add an activity, an organization, individual, individual to a committee, or a relationship to an individual. Other actions let you find a customer by phone number, or an individual by ID or Email. Plus, it will allow you to update an organization or custom field value.

It triggers when an individual is created and importantly when products such as merchandise, courses or exams are purchased; invaluable information that any member-based organization needs to track.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Three and a half stars!

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