Document Automation Connector Drops

Document Automation Connector Drops

A Power Automate connector for document automation is the latest to join a crowded field.

dox42 power automate connector

The dox42 connector allows users to automatically generate documents from business processes and workflows with data via its dox42 REST API. dox42 uses the Azure Active Directory for authentication and it has integrations with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Dynamic 365, SAP and a handful of others.

It’s one and only action is to call the dox42 service. Process and workflows that generate contracts, quotes, or reports can return your document in any format, stored on SharePoint, sent by email and e-signed.

According to documentation required prerequisites include:

  • A Microsoft Power Apps or Power Automate plan
  • Azure Active Directory
  • HTTP knowledge
  • a dox42 license (dox42 Online or dox42 Server + dox42 Word/Excel/PowerPoint Add-ins)
  • dox42 Server Designer application (Version or later)
  • SharePoint Online

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars

Of the 538 Power Automate connectors, there are over three dozen that can make the processes you do with your documents a whole lots easier. Contact Reenhanced when you need to add Power Automate connectors to your tool box.

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