Dynamics 365 Accelerator: Nonprofit

Dynamics 365 Accelerator: Nonprofit

The nonprofit accelerator for Dynamics 365 is a quick way for you to get a Dataverse environment up and running that has been customized for the nonprofit industry.

What is an Industry Accelerator?
An Industry Accelerator is a pre-configured package that allows an organization to implement some configuration and customization items into a CRM system to save on design and build time by using tables, fields, views and relationships that are common to a specific industry.

How does this impact you? Well, to start, it means less of your time building the customized pieces you need and lets you get started right way using some of this design. Also, it’s free with any Dynamics 365 and any additional licenses needed. Free is always a bonus! This gives you an excellent framework to start from for any entity (table) that is a good fit.

This accelerator leverages Power Apps (with model-driven apps), a mobile app, an integration with Finance & Operations and dashboards. For full use and functionality, you’ll of course need to ensure proper licensing for all areas.

Core Tables

Some of the core tables for the nonprofit accelerator includes:

  • Donation management
  • Fundraising
  • Membership management
  • Constituent management
  • Award management
  • And more!

Nonprofit Accelerator Features

The nonprofit solution includes these features and components at no additional charge beyond licensing requirements:

  • Donation Management Dashboard to track gift acknowledgements, tracking of pledges and gifts, grant disbursements and gifts in kind.
Donation management in the nonprofit accelerator.
  • Fundraising dashboard to track active donors, pledges and households.
Donation management in nonprofit accelerator.
  • A Finance & Operations CRM data integrator:
Finance and CRM data integrator in the nonprofit accelerator.
  • A mobile app that tracks timesheets & expenses:
Mobile application.

Test Drive the Accelerator & More Resources

Ready to test drive this accelerator? Download the Dynamics 365 nonprofit accelerator from AppSource.

For more information, check out these resources:

Installing the Accelerator

After you download the nonprofit accelerator in AppSource, it will take you to Power Apps, where you can specify the environment for the accelerator:

Install the Dynamics 365 NonProfit accelerator into your Power Apps environment

Just click the Install button at the bottom of panel in the image shown above. The installation will take some time, when complete, it will show up in your Power Apps environment.

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