There’s a New Trigger in Town (and two New Connectors)

There’s a New Trigger in Town (and two New Connectors)

Today there are two new connectors, one for task management and another to solidify your CRM company database. But before we dive into those two, there’s a new trigger in town you should know about.

Common Data Service (current environment)

While Common Data Service is not a new connector, it has a new added trigger that should pique your interest if you are a current user. Available only in Power Automate, this trigger allows you to start a flow when the

button in a business process flow step is clicked.  We previously gave this connector a four-star rating, so this trigger ups the ante. We’d love to hear your use case so we can share with others the benefit of this added trigger!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Four-point-two-five stars! 😉

And now for the two new connectors…


German maker Evocom has delivered a new Power Automate connector making it the 17th to enter the field of possibilities for creation and management of tasks and workflows automation. This suggests it may be time for us to do a few side-by-side comparisons like we did for document signing. Using Evocom’s actions you’ll be able to:

  • Create a new task or edit one
  • Start a new process instance
  • Get process template steps
  • Get process template models
  • Get user
  • Get a single process template
  • Get a single process by ID
  • Get a single task by its ID
  • Get a process list
  • Get a task list
  • Get a list of all teams

With its triggers, you can kick off a flow any time that a new task, process, or team is added or changed. To use this connector, you will need an account in the Evocom Productivity app. According to documentation, it’s one noted limitation is that it’s not yet possible to use files in the connector. “Yet” implies there’s an update in the offing.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars!


Got Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 or Teams?

The new HitHorizons connector enables you to enrich your Microsoft products by tapping into the HitHorizons database of over 75 million European companies that hail from 60 different countries. If your business analytics requirements or your scope of potential customers needs an injection to minimize your research time and that allows you to identify new markets, this connector is worth a look. Who doesn’t need to improve their CRM?

You’ll need a HitHorizons subscription and API key to access its three actions.

  • Retrieve data of company specified by HitHorizons ID
  • Search for companies using a structured query, or
  • Search for companies using an unstructured query

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars.

Power Automate connectors now number 476 so there are lots to choose from. When you need help finding one for your project, email [email protected] and she’ll help you get started!

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