Flotiq and Asite Deliver File Sharing and CMS Connectors

Flotiq and Asite Deliver File Sharing and CMS Connectors

File sharing in Asite gets automated and Flotiq brings easier capability to your CMS integrations.

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Asite connector for Power Automate connects two systems for file exchange with triggers that upload or download files between them. Asite caters to the construction industry, government and infrastructure businesses. In order to take advantage of this connector you’ll need: an active Asite CDE Subscription and platform login credentials, a Power Automate subscription and login credentials, and an active workflow configuration where the trigger is set to the type “Microsoft Flow.”

Its three actions let you: define a file’s metadata in preparation for upload to Asite, upload a file from a defined project and folder with its metadata on the Asite platform, or to share a document from Asite via a public link, making it available for download.

The trigger offers ability to upload a file with metadata and download it within the defined folder based on the workflow event it has triggered.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Limited to Asite CDE users but a handy tool for them. Three stars.

Flotiq headless CMS icon
Flotiq headless CMS

The new connector, Flotiq headless CMS, allows its users to publish content via dynamically-built API that supports their current content model. It allows integration of Microsoft services with Flotiq and exchanges data between systems. The connector’s lone action creates a content object. Reading this connector’s name I envisioned the headless horseman. That seemed wrong so I took it to the team.

Our team struggled to figure out a good use case for this connector. As a headless CMS, it almost seems out of place when compared to the rest of the connectors available in the Power Automate space. It seems more useful if this were a trigger – kicking off a flow when content is created. As an action, this seems less useful.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

The app is heavy on documentation, which is usually a big plus, but we just couldn’t see where this particular one fits in. One and a half stars.

Microsoft Dataverse

I don’t always get overly amped when a company adds new actions as opposed to new triggers to their connector’s functionality but that’s just me. So it bears noting that the most recent Microsoft Dataverse update includes a new action that lets you search a Microsoft Dataverse environment using “Relevance Search,” and it returns the rows that match the search term most closely. That one seems like a useful tool to add to your toolbelt!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars!

Connectors from Reenhanced

I’m so excited about the many ways in which we’ve seen Power Automate connectors used! If you haven’t seen them yet, Reenhanced has built two Microsoft-certified connectors for Power Automate:

  • Power Form 7: If you use Contact Form 7 in WordPress this connector will change your life.
  • Gravity Forms: If you use Gravity Forms on your WordPress site this connector will allow you to trigger flows.

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You can get connected with the monthly version of either product with one month free. Just use the Promo Code ONEMONTHFREE when you order your annual or monthly subscription from Reenhanced.

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