Medallia Delivers Customer Feedback Management Connector

Medallia Delivers Customer Feedback Management Connector
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When your customer service teams need an accurate understanding of their account relationships, the new Medallia customer feedback management connector offers context to experience insights so they can benefit from that information. Medallia’s connector for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 users allows its joint clients see enriched CRM data using a bi-directional flow of information by establishing a secure, API-based connection between the two systems.

Medallia account holders will find that the Power Automate flows will automatically trigger experience feedback invitations in Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 users will then be able to follow up with customers based on alerts from Medallia.

What actions does this give you?

  • Send Experience Signals which connects with Medallia to manage your experience data.
  • Trigger Invitation which (despite its name) is an action that sends an Invitation Request on a Case and Opportunity Closure.

We don’t need to tell Dynamics 365 users the value of customer feedback management, and this connector may be a viable option for joint clients using the platform.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars.

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