New ECM Connector Drops

New ECM Connector Drops

Is Enterprise Content Management in your wheelhouse?

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D.velop users have a new way to tap either services from the d.velop platform or their own d.velop system to create an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) flow in Power Automate. The connector, from the German based company, has two actions and a single trigger.

The actions will:

  • Execute a selected action in the selected d.velop environment, or
  • Store a document in d.velop documents.

It will trigger when “the defined event occurs” (webhook).

To use this particular connector, you’ll need to connect to a d.velop cloud tenant. (That means you’ll need at least one registered account.) The company recommends that you to have at least one d.velop documents repository configured too. They’ve added a resources section that may be helpful.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars (if you have or are planning to have a d.velop account.)

With the addition of this connector, we’ve now identified six for content management, and this one is the second we’ve noted designed for Enterprise Content Management, and there are 552 connectors in total to choose from now for Power Automate!

We love digging into Power Automate connectors to see what they do and how they can better help you with your flows. Contact Reenhanced before you start your next project!

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