New Power Automate Connectors Keep Coming

New Power Automate Connectors Keep Coming

Shop Keeping, Risk Analysis, Project Management and Inventory Control are four areas addressed by the latest Power Automate connectors. Today’s bonus: one connector added nine new triggers!

Etsy (Independent Publisher) connector icon
Etsy (Independent Publisher)

Crafters, artisans and shop keepers who use the Etsy platform to sell their products now have access to a connector that automates a plethora of actions to support inventory, sales orders, and shop management. The sheer volume of actions indicates the maker understands the variety of uses and needs of the typical Etsy seller. However, this connector lacks any triggers. So, while you’d be able to manage your Etsy listings, the inability to trigger a flow when an event occurs leaves a user half way through the process of getting products to buyers.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Triggers wanted to knock this one out of the park. Four stars.

IPQS Quality Score connector icon for risk analysis
IPQS Fraud and Risk Scoring

IPQualityScore (IPQS) connector joins the ranks of five other connectors in the Risk Management category. It supports fraud prevention, risk analysis, and threat detection. Its connector automates retrieval of IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs or domains to identify sophisticated bad actors and high risk behavior.

It has four actions:

  • Retrieve Email address reputation data.
  • Retrieve IP address reputation data.
  • Retrieve Phone Number reputation data.
  • Retrieve URL (or) Domain reputation data.

If you plan to use this risk analysis connector, you’ll need an Azure subscription, a Microsoft Power Apps or Power Automate plans with the custom connector feature, and an API key from IPQualityScore.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Needs time to fully mature, providing more actions. Three stars.

Kanban Tool connector icon
Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool for on-premise project management collaboration is a visual task board that divides workflows into three expected headings: ToDos, Doing and Done. A creation of Shore Labs, it’s addition to the Project Management class of Power Automate connectors is the sixteenth one in this realm.

Its actions include:

  • Create, update, get, move, archive, or delete a task
  • Get tasks
  • Create, update, get or delete a subtask
  • Get a board or boards
  • Get board activities
  • Create or get comments

You could use this connector when things happen in other systems to update your existing Kanban tasks or boards or add new ones. It could be a good fit for organizations looking to manage IT, marketing or project tasks. Without a trigger, this one won’t kick anything off – but it can take several actions.

It’s the third connector option we’ve uncovered that works with the Kanban platform, and if you plan to use it, they have a 14-day trial available.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars.

WithoutWire Inventory Platform icon
WithoutWire Inventory Platform

If inventory happens to be your sweet spot, you might want to take a look at WithoutWire Inventory Platform. Designed to provide real-time inventory views, the platform includes: warehouse management, manufacturing execution, and remote inventory views like curbside pickup or field service. To use this Power Automate connector, you’ll need a free or paid account by and an API key from them to access its actions. These are

  • Assign order (Sets order status to Waiting for Picking.)
  • Set order status (status code and warehouse name)
  • Set order to complete
  • Create or updates work order (keyed on order number)
  • Delete an order (all types)
  • Get work orders by status or by number

There’s several levels of pricing available for the app for wither cloud or on-premise depending upon the inventory needs of the company.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars

Connector Changes

OpenText Content Server by OneFox icon
OpenText Content Server by OneFox

The latest update for OpenText Content Server by OneFox provides a welcome upgrade for its users with the addition of nine triggers. Each of these allow a flow when a folder, document, or business workspace is created, updated, or deleted. When we reviewed this connector upon its original release, we said, “We don’t know much about OpenText, but One Fox seems to have done a great job with this connector.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Today, we’re backing that up with five stars!

As experts in automation, we can help you to get started using Power Automate connectors. What’s your next project? Let’s talk.

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