Pilot Things Connector Helps You Manage Your IoT

Pilot Things Connector Helps You Manage Your IoT

The latest Power Automate connector to drop for your Internet of Things comes from Pilot Things.

Pilot Things

Full of actions, this connector can help you pilot your personal plethora of your Internet of Things (IoT). For managing complex sensor systems, this connector is the first we’ve noticed that steps solidly into the IoT sphere where the only player on the field so far has been Azure’s IoT Central.

The “Internet of Things” always feels like such a vague term but it describes a massive pool of possibilities. These “things” include devices that connect to the Internet and/or to each other like cellphones, refrigerators, doorbell systems, lamps, wearable devices and many household objects. But IoT also applies to machine components like those on a jet engine of an airplane or sensors on machines like an app-controlled remote starter on your car.

Through collaboration with their partners, Pilot Things has been able to maximize the compatibility of its platform with a wide range of these sensors, networks and applications. So its connector can aid you in managing your things.

Its long list of actions include:

  • Create a new site
  • Update or delete a site
  • Add a message, all messages, tag, or custom fields to a thing
  • Delete a thing or all measures for a thing
  • Delete custom fields
  • Associate a product to a thing or to a list of things
  • Dissociate the thing from the product
  • Execute an operation on a thing
  • Get a list of things, alerts, measures, messages
  • Get a list of measures of a thing or messages of a thing
  • Get the list of available operations
  • Get a measure, message, previous message, site or tag
  • Get a thing details
  • Get custom fields image or custom fields list
  • Get measures count
  • Get message list for a thing
  • Get stats
    • last, min, max, measurements, re-partition, average, sum or count
  • Get the active model of a thing
  • Get the list of tags, things, the picture of or product of a thing
  • Get thing tags, last measurements of a thing, last message of a thing
  • Import a .CSV file
  • Related flows of a thing
  • Update a thing, a tag of thing, alert state, custom fields, custom fields image, or position of a thing

I told you it was a long list!

But, it seems the folks at Pilot thought of many “things,” (pun intended). We’ll look forward to the possibility of added triggers in future iterations of this Power Automate connector.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars!

We love digging into the many available connectors (474 today) to see what they can do to minimize time spent tracking down information when you can automate instead. Are you working on a project that needs just the right connector? Talk to us!

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