Race to the Checkered Flag with Automation

Race to the Checkered Flag with Automation

Will there be 500 Power Automate Connectors by May 30, 2021 when the checkered flag waves for the winner of the INDY 500? It could happen!

As of March 25, there are 480 available connectors. Heads up if you’re in Human Resources, want to do more with SMS, or if you want to send some super-colorful postcards to your clients, employees or potential customers. StaffCircle, Arena Interactive (SmartDialog), and ClickSend (Postcard) are the three latest companies to deliver Power Automate connectors. You’ll want to read up on these!

StaffCircle Power Automate human resources icon

Business owners understand how company culture and performance management affect employee success. As a human resources manager, you appreciate high-performing teams especially as they work remotely. If you can give them a boost through automation with connectors like this one from StaffCircle, you remove the repetitive tasks that can get boring.  It’s got a solid list of actions and triggers.


  • Create a new alert or article to distribute to StaffCircle users via multiple communication channels
  • Create a new objective or an objective template
  • Create a new person, or a new task and assign it to a user
  • Find a person record by email
  • Search for objectives, or
  • Update an objective with a new score and description


  • When: a new absence, objective, task, person or review is added, when a new article is published, or when an objective is updated

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars!

Smart Dialog Power Automate SMS icon

The SmartDialog connector allows you to send either SMS or WhatsApp messages, or trigger a set of actions after a message has been sent. We are fans of this one because you can use either the trigger or action. We’d recommend that you read through the full documentation to learn about known issues and limitations as well as common errors and remedies. There seem to be more of these listed than we usually see, so be careful to do your due diligence before signing up!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars!

ClickSend Postcards Power Automate direct mail automation icon
ClickSend Postcards


You can use this unique connector (the second one from ClickSend) to send color postcards for any occasion when a trigger is met. What makes this one interesting is its potential to automate the direct mail needs of an organization. Where we often find connectors offering similar use cases as one another like document signing, or SMS, this use case is new to Power Automate connectors. Direct mail in Power Automate – very cool!

Specific Actions:

  • Convert Media File for Postcards
  • Send one or more postcards

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

As you look to automate tasks to increase your team’s productivity, we’d love to know the use cases you come up with!

Four and a half stars!

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