Two Flows Up with new Triggers!

Two Flows Up with new Triggers!

Heads up investors or fund managers, and PDF users alike. Improve your flows with these added Power Automate connector triggers.

Aletheia connector icon

In March, when we introduced you to the Aletheia connector we devoted a bit of blog space and this video with its details. We’d given 5 stars to the connector for is ability to access APIs for stock data, insider training details, earnings analysis and SEC filings.

Why are we interested in bringing this connector to your attention once more?

Because company insiders must report their security transactions to the SEC, investors or fund managers will want to be notified of those filings when tracking a company’s financial situation. This week Aletheia added a new trigger that can kick off a flow when a new insider trade is reported to the SEC. That’s a fantastic and welcome addition for those who like keeping close tabs on investments!

PDF4me Connect connector icon
PDF4me Connect

Last January we’d given 4.5 stars at the introduction of PDF4me Connect, a connector chock full of actions that let you create, edit, manipulate and manage PDFs. Our only caveat was the hope for future triggers. Hope no more. Your trigger is here! (Plus, they added one additional action that starts a PDF4me-Workflow with a document from anywhere.)

Now, PDF4me Connect has the ability to trigger a flow when a document is sent from PDF4me apps. Excellent idea!

We just love watching how creators grow and improve Power Automate connectors in ways that make day-to-day processes so much more effective. And, we’re very excited to see how this arena will change with the introduction of independently published connectors. Stay tuned! More on that soon!

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