Unique Power Automate Connector Finds

Unique Power Automate Connector Finds

There are currently 474 Power Automate connectors available. Today, we dive into four very unique Power Automate use cases: Natural Language Processing, Translation, Two Factor Authentication and Smart Lighting.

Natural Language Processing

Power Automate connectors: Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool used to pick out tags and categories of documents. Years ago, I worked with an organization in the Legal industry that had a requirement around NLP. They were implementing Dynamics 365 and used SharePoint to store all briefs, cases, and other documents. The requirement was to easily use Dynamics 365 to search and automate NLP. At the time, all document tagging was being done manually by the legal staff.

If I received this requirement today, it would be very easy to solve using either one of the two connectors currently available in Power Automate: Cloudmersive LP or LegalBot AI Tools. Both connectors are excellent and are rated highly at ConnectorReview.com.

If you have a requirement to utilize NLP, we highly recommend looking at these two connectors as possibilities when architecting your solution.


What a neat use case for a Power Automate connector! Today, there are two connectors that offer translation services: Cloudmersive LP and MotaWord Translations.

Cloudmersive LP (which was mentioned above with NLP as well!) offers translations for: Russian to English, German to English, English to German, and English to Russian.

MotaWord looks really unique, in that it supports 95+ languages for translation and has more than 18,000 professional translators on staff.

Both connectors achieved a 4-star rating at ConnectorReview.com.

Two-Factor Authentication

Today, there is one Power Automate connector for two-factor authentication: Tyntec 2FA. Incorporating this connector allows you to increase security in any apps or flows you build. It’s a very interesting use case and a 4-star connector.

Smart Lighting

Finally, we come to smart lighting, which has two connectors: LIFX and Yeelight. Both are highly-rated at ConnectorReview.com, and offer similar solutions. Last year, I interviewed the creators of Yeelight. It’s a great interview that you should check out! We talk about what sort of business use cases would be useful for smart lighting.


To check out a 10-minute video review of the above, see this great YouTube video!

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