Want to Eliminate Your Content Silos?

Want to Eliminate Your Content Silos?

The latest connector, the third from One Fox, helps users to unjam the grain elevator in those pesky content silos.

OpenText Core Share Power Automate icon
OpenText Core Share by One Fox 

OpenText Core Share is a primary repository for content-related data. This connector is the third one for Power Automate from One Fox. With it, users can automate content workflows to and from their OpenText enterprise content management (ECM) platform as part of a larger flow. Actions to work with the documents or folders include:

  • Search with specified query
  • Search on name
  • Create, update, delete a document or folder
  • Get a document, or versions (or content of) a document
  • Get a folder or children of a folder
  • Copy a document to a different folder
  • Move a document to a new folder
  • Lock or unlock a document

To use this connector for to ditch your content silos, you’ll need a license that you can purchase from Azure Marketplace or AppSource, and OpenText Core Share login credentials.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Three and a half stars.

For the Spain-based Mensagia app, this independently published connector automates marketing tasks for SMS, Email and voice.

independent publisher connector icon

For Mensagia users, its actions can:

  • Create a contact.
  • Send an SMS(s) to your contacts.
  • Send SMS campaigns to your contacts.
  • Send transactional emails to your contacts using your Mensagia custom templates.
  • Send a voice message.
  • Send a voice campaign to telephone numbers in Spain. That can include agendas, agendas and telephone numbers, or telephone numbers only.

En español

Para la aplicación Mensagia de una empresa española, está plugin de un editor independiente, le automatiza sus tareas de marketing por SMS, correos electrónicos y la voz.

Para personas que usan Mensagia, acciones incluyen:

  • Puede crear un contacto.
  • Envíe un SMS a sus contactos.
  • Envíe campañas de SMS a sus contactos.
  • Envíe correos electrónicos transaccionales a sus contactos cuando usar sus plantillas personalizadas de Mensagia.
  • Envíe un mensaje de voz.
  • Envíe unas campañas de los números de teléfono en España. Esto puede incluir agendas, agendas y números de teléfono, o solo los números de teléfono.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Tres estrellas porque ustedes pueden usarlo solo cuando haces negocios en España.

Are you building a service with these connectors?

We would love to hear from you! We enjoy learning about creative ways people use the Power Platform and would be happy to share your experience here, especially if it’s using one of the new connectors. Alternatively, if you’d like a hand building a Power Automate flow, a Logic App, or a Power App using connectors smack the button below and one of our friendly specialists will be happy to help.

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