Microsoft News: Power Apps & Dataverse Get Access Migration Tool

Microsoft News: Power Apps & Dataverse Get Access Migration Tool

If you are using Microsoft Access in your organization, there’s BIG NEWS! The Access migration to Power Apps and Dataverse was released to General Availability yesterday! That means you can take advantage of the one-click path to use Access Data in Dataverse and Power Apps! Check out the blog from Microsoft announcing this excellent feature here.

A screenshot showing the workflow to migrate from Access through the migration tool, into Dataverse after data validation is complete, Then also showing synchronous usage of the Dataverse data from an Access form and a Power App.
Diagram from Microsoft’s blog, showing the workflow to migrate data from Access to Dataverse while using Access forms and Power Apps.

Access data: migrate to Dataverse

This means you can immediately migrate your Access data into Dataverse or Dataverse for Teams. Once you do this, the Power Platform is at your fingertips! NO longer do you need custom, difficult-to-maintain integrations! This image from Microsoft shows you how this option is natively embedded for you now, directly out of Access:

A screenshot from MS Access showing a right click on a table, the selection of the Export feature, and the Dataverse selection.
Export > Dataverse! Image from Microsoft’s announcement blog.

Moreover, the Microsoft Access migration ribbon has the Dataverse export button. Can it get any easier?!

A screenshot of the MS Access ribbon showing the External Data tab and the new Dataverse Export icon used to trigger migration.
Image from Microsoft’s announcement blog.

Prerequisite: You will need to ensure that your organization is licensed for Power Apps and Dataverse. Additionally, you’ll need to be on the current channel as of May 2022 for Microsoft 365.


There are a number of benefits to using this Access migration tool:

  • Simplify your integration between Access and the Power Platform.
  • Take advantage of the security and compliance capabilities that come with Dataverse cloud storage.
  • Build front-end apps with the Power Platform through Power Apps and Microsoft Teams.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to simply and easily connect Access to Dataverse and the Power Platform, but you need some help – contact Reenhanced today!

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