Power Automate Connectors Land a Punch

Power Automate Connectors Land a Punch

Lan location for systems security, app power forms, and database table queries are the subjects addressed in the most recent drop of Power Automate connectors.

Surprise! This is the first recent drop that has not included a single one created by an independent publisher. There are three new Power Automate connectors in this review, and one already formidable connector which got a spit shine and polish.


Let’s start with the changes first and dive into the newbies next, but fair warning there may or may not be a song stuck in your head for the day.

PDF4me Connect Power Automate connector icon
PDF4me Connect

When we first reviewed PDF4me Connect over one year ago, one of us was so impressed as to wax poetic, giving it four and a half stars for its laser focus on PDF conversion and management of documents.

With standard conversions you’d expect like: HTML to PDF, PDF to Excel, and PDF to Word in addition to featuring merging, rotation and document protection, this connector hit hard from the get go. So we were tickled pink to learn that by summer they’d added a trigger for when a document is sent from the PDF4me apps. Imagine our excitement to see yet another update that includes more actions! If you have a need for PDF conversions, this connector is one you’ll definitely want to investigate along with its companions PDF4me and PDF4me SwissQR.

But sometimes I digress

Let’s not forget there are three brand-spanking new connectors which address: Lan Location, Creation and Automation of Forms, and Database Table Queries.

App Power Forms connector icon
App Power Forms

App Power Forms connector offers excellent documentation that shows you a set of perfect use cases. You can easily create a form, then automate responses to be added to Dataverse, Salesforce, or other systems as Leads.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Five stars

Knowledgeone RecFind6 connector icon
Knowledgeone RecFind6Β 

Knowledgeone RecFind6 provides table query and file upload services from an external system to the RecFind 6 databases. Its four actions include:

  • Get a list of field names and values corresponding to the requested query and search parameters. (Results can be paged.)
  • Get a list of all predefined queries that the caller may request.
  • Get a table of results corresponding to the requested query and search parameters.
  • Send a file with contents and metadata for storage in the RecFind 6 database. (Returns a URL to the stored file.)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars

Lansweeper App for Sentinel connector icon
Lansweeper App for Sentinel

The Lansweeper App for Sentinel connector for Power Automate contains a single action that gets users a list of Site IDs, and Asset details for a given IP Address or MAC Address.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars

There are currently 647 connectors that you can use in your flows with Power Automate. We can help you find the ones you’ll need for your next project, and if there’s still not one out there that works for you, we’ll build you a Custom Connector.

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