Tea Lovers: Meet Power Automate

Tea Lovers: Meet Power Automate

Let’s get specific. Thai tea, meant to be mixed one part each with a branded tea concentrate and the creamiest milk you can find, must be powerfully delicious enough that its sales warrant a Power Automate connector to track the inventory of a single brand. But is that what it REALLY does?

SOS Inventory connector icon
SOS Inventory

The SOS Inventory connector seems have been created for the sole purpose of managing inventory of Thaiwala brand tea concentrate, because the Microsoft documentation points to Thaiwala. But digging in deeper, we learned that SOS Inventory is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform where inventory control is one part of that.

This connector’s handful actions include:

  • Get a customer or sales order by ID
  • List items, pick tickets, sales orders, locations or lots
  • Update a specific pick ticket by setting the values of the parameters passed.

Thaiwala tea concentrate evidently has magical powers such that it can be used in cooking and baking as well as the aforementioned tea to cream ratio. The upshot is that connector creator, Harold Anderson, must be both a tea lover and a nerd like us to have come up with this focused, independently published inventory management automation. While this connector’s actions are limited, you can likely use it to automate inventory control of all sorts of items, not just tea.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Two stars and pinkies up!

With the addition of this connector and the past week’s asteroid tracker to the Power Automate library, there are now 811 possibilities for your next project. Why wait? Ask us for a quick review of your current processes to see where you can add automation power to allow you to focus on the business you do best.

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