Three Power Automate Connectors Drop

Three Power Automate Connectors Drop

AI for applications, documents and websites and GIFs just got easier.

Combined, these three new Power Automate connectors can deliver some really powerful assistance for creators. Here’s a under one minute quick spot review for you.

DeepL language translation AI power automate icon

The new Power Automate connector for language translation from DeepL can be used to improve the quality of your websites and applications with its actions added to your flow. This connector joins three others I’ve noticed in this sector and reviewed previously, including Microsoft Translator V2, Motoword Translations, and My Acclaro. The DeepL API is well documented and the app offers 29 possible languages which bodes well for varied possibilites.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars


Inject fun illustration into your flow by using this connector which taps Graphics Interchange Format (GIFs) from The connector’s single action returns a list of GIFs related to the search string you input.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three stars

Zuva docAI data extraction AI from documents icon
Zuva docAI

Real Estate brokers, realtors and house flippers may find the Zuva DocAI an interesting connector to add to their flows as its actions provide AI data extraction from contracts. This Power Automate connector could also be useful for a variety business contracts like insurance policies, non-disclosure agreements, master services agreements, statements of work and more.

Actions offered include:

  • Submit a file to Zuva DocAI.
  • Create a new request for extractions from, the language of, or a multi-level classification of the specified file.
  • Create a new request for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to be applied to the specified file.
  • Get the images or text from a completed OCR request.
  • Create a request for classification of the specified document.
  • Create a request for Check the status of an existing field extraction or an OCR request.
  • Delete an existing file from Zuva.
  • Get status and available results for an existing document classification request.
  • Get text results from a completed field extraction request.
  • Get a list of all fields available to you.
  • Get status and available results for an existing document classification request, or for an existing MLC* request.
  • Normalize a string containing one or more dates. For each date found, the endpoint returns a set of integers representing the year, month and day.

These are a powerful bunch of actions than may help to automate your contract-related tasks.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars

Oh, and in case you didn’t already know (I didn’t) the acronym: MLC in this case most likely stands for “Municipal Lien Certificate” which is defined as “a listing of all taxes, assessments and charges that constitute liens on a parcel of real estate at the time of issuance of the MLC, MLC’s are generally requested when a property is being sold, refinanced or because of an insurance claim.”

There you have it; today’s quick review of a few new connectors for language translation, GIFs and business contracts. Not a bad day in Power Automate. But wait…there’s more to come. Check back tomorrow for more reviews! Got questions?


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