Critical Infrastructure Gets Power Automated

Critical Infrastructure Gets Power Automated

Now, there’s a new Power Automate connector that can assist people who are responsible for maintaining critical infrastructure operations under all conditions.

There’s no doubt that the humans responsible for critical infrastructure have a heavy burden to bear given the necessity of such operations as power and energy, water resources, transportation hubs, medical facility operations, waste processing and more. Without these systems working 24/7 year round, our lives could be disrupted at best and at worst brought to an uncomfortable, messy standstill.

SIGNL4 – Mobile Alerting

The SIGNL4 connector automates critical mobile alerting, incident response and service dispatching to the people who are responsible for operating critical infrastructure. Because people working in those in critical spaces are required to be accessible at all on duty or on call times, this connector’s actions offer automation options to, for example, alert when a particular unacceptable threshold has been reached, and can inform what’s happening and dispatch the appropriate personnel or other systems to address the problem.

Use cases here vary widely for government agencies, private corporations and large conglomerates such as oil companies, sewage treatment plans, dams, airports, transportation systems that are part of the wider termed critical infrastructure systems. There are a series of terrific use cases on SIGNL4 Github to get your creative juices flowing.

With probably the longest list of actions we’ve seen so far among well over one thousand connectors, it seems its creators have thought of everything; from persistent alerts via app push, to SMS text and voice calls that include tracking, escalation, collaboration and duty planning. Powerful stuff for critical systems!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Four stars for its flexibility in possible uses.

When you need a little bit of detail about Power Automate connectors, we can help you tap into this valuable resource to help you keep on top of your own critical infrastructure. Just reach out with one click, and tell us what you’re working on.

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