Deep-Dive into the Documents CorePack Power Automate Connector

Deep-Dive into the Documents CorePack Power Automate Connector

At Reenhanced, we are big fans of the mscrm-addons products, especially Documents CorePack. The product has provided an excellent fit for many of or clients who rely on their professional document generation in Dynamics 365. When we heard that they were launching their first Power Automate connector, we were thrilled and started planning out the ways it can help our clients. Plus, this gives Power Automate users the ability to leverage Documents CorePack functionality without even having a Dynamics 365 environment. There are so many applications to this connector, for instance:

  • Create documents automatically.
  • Attach documents to emails & send either internally or externally.
  • Attach documents automatically to notes in a Dynamics 365 record.
  • Concatenate two files (one of the actions included in this connector!).

We virtually sat down with Patrick O’Donnell, VP Business Development for to talk about their new connector.

Documents CorePack in Power Automate

Why did mscrm-addons decide to create a Documents CorePack connector in Power Automate?

There are many reasons why we decided to create a DocumentsCorePack connector for Power Automate.  First and foremost is our commitment to being a leader in the Dynamics 365 community. This continues to update our add-on solutions to utilize and stay current with the most recent advances in Microsoft technologies.

For DocumentsCorePack, we saw Power Automate as a great opportunity to quickly expand our current DocumentsCorePack capabilities.  Along with making automated document generation and processing even easier, it allows us to:

  • Generate documents from any application using CDS and CDM! DocumentsCorePack It is no longer just for Dynamics 365 CE.  This really opens up who can now use it.
  • Generate documents using PowerApps Customers are quickly beginning to use PowerApps with PowerAutomate as a way to create a simplified, tailored interface for many of their users. And our integration with PowerAutomate simplifies document generation from these custom apps.
  • Trigger Document Generation and Processing from External Sources PowerAutomate allows a wide variety of triggers from different external sources that can now be used to generate and process documents when needed (i.e. Outlook, Twitter, etc.)

How will this connector help existing Documents CorePack customers already using Power Automate?

Our existing customers are steadily moving from legacy Dynamics 365 workflows to Power Automate, and were eager to re-create their existing automated processes using this newer technology.  We continue to see our existing customers come up with new ways to further streamline their standard work processes using Power Automate and PowerApps. They use it not only generate and process documents, but to also take additional steps and actions once the document generation is completed.

What additional resources do you have that may help current or future customers to better understand your connector?

We have two recent blog articles that describe how to setup and work with the new DocumentsCorePack custom connectors we built for Power Automate. 

Need Help?

Thank you so much to Patrick for letting us learn more about their connector and sharing so much with Reenhanced! We cannot wait to see what other mscrmadd-ons products get connectors in the near future.

Reenhanced is a mscrm-addons partner who can help you get up and running with automated document generation today! If you need help, please reach out to us by emailing [email protected] or fill out our Contact Us form.

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