Power Form 7

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Connect Contact Form 7 to over 700 services using Power Automate. This is the Power Automate connector for Contact Form 7 integration.

Money-Back Guarantee!
We are so confident that you’ll love building flows with your forms that we offer a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with this plugin for any reason, contact us for a full refund.

Free trial available!
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This applies to the one-month single domain version of the product.

Product description

Power Form 7 connects Contact Form 7 to Power Automate

The quickest and easiest way to officially integrate Contact Form 7 submissions with Power Automate. This plugin maps your form submissions to dynamic fields you can use in any flow and allows you to submit any Contact Form 7 form from a Power Automate flow.

Easily the most useful Contact Form 7 plugin ever made.
When your Entry is created, your data will be sent to Power Automate where it can be used as a trigger.

This trigger will pass along your form data to be used with over 700 different services, without requiring a single line of code.

Or, you can use any action from over 700 services and put that data directly into your Contact Form 7 submission.

Getting this plugin eliminates the need for others.
With Power Automate you have access to over 700 services with a no-code point-and-click interface.

Use it for unlimited flows in any way you desire.

With Power Form 7 you can:

Use this to put form entries into a dynamically updated excel spreadsheet
Build a flow to put entries into Sharepoint
Announce new for entries in Microsoft Teams
Connect form data to your CRM and kick off other automated processes
Build a flow to start an automated marketing campaign
Use form entries with IoT devices
Empower your form to start complex internal business processes
Use with any other Gravity Forms plugin
Getting started is easy
After purchase, you will be able to download the plugin as a .zip file
Upload the .zip file to WordPress using the built-in Add New Plugin installer, or install as you would any other WordPress plugin
Activate the plugin
Go to the plugin settings page (under Contact -> Power Automate Settings)
Enter your license key and configure the global settings for the plugin
Done! Your forms are now available for triggers and submissions on Power Automate.
What if I downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory?
If you already have the plugin then you can skip directly to configuration after purchase and enter your license key to enable connection to Power Automate.
Frequently Asked Questions
Does this plugin require a Power Automate license?
Flows operate under the owner who creates them, meaning whatever user sets up your flow will need a Power Automate license. Each flow can process an unlimited number of form entries, but you cannot send data from different forms to the same flow. (In other words, each form will need its own flow to process entries. You can have multiple flows per form, but not multiple forms per flow.)

Do I need to purchase a license to use this?
Your plugin install acts as a type of on-premises data gateway for your WordPress site and it communicates with our data gateway server to connect to Power Automate. A license is required to use this plugin to help offset costs of running the gateway server.

Can I use this on a system in my internal network?
As long as Azure web servers can reach your website and your website can reach Power Automate this plugin will work. If you’re in a restrictive environment please contact us for specific details that will enable access.

Are file uploads supported?
File uploads to Contact Form 7 forms are not supported at this time but are planned in a future release. There will be no additional purchase required when this feature is ready. As long as your license is valid you will receive all updates.

Are free text values (for example, an ‘other’ option for a dropdown) supported?
These are not supported at this time and will be included in a future release.

Is there a trial available?
Yes! You can use the coupon code “onemonthfree” with the 1-month, 1-domain version of this product during checkout to receive a month long free trial. If you decide to keep the product, you can upgrade your subscription from the “My Account” area of this website.

Privacy Note
Your form metadata is sent through our gateway server so that it may be sent to Power Automate. Your form data, as in the actual submissions, are sent directly to Power Automate when using the trigger on form submissions. This means that triggered submissions are completely private and never pass through our servers.

We consider all your data confidential and it will not be accessed. We capture information about how many times each action is used but never the data that is sent.

Additional information

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